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  Part 1
  There was a big earthquake on April 20th in Yaan . Many houses were broken into pieces and lots of people lost their lives. Some people survived but they lost everything they had. The situation was very serious. To save more people’s lives, the government sent many doctors to Sichuan and a lot of goods and materials were sent there as well.    Many people contributed their money and clothes. Many students wrote letters to cheer up the Sichuan people . Our school also took part in these activities, all the students and teachers donated money. I gave my pocket money, too. I also wrote a letter to Sichuan people. I believe with our efforts, we can defeat the disaster.I hope that there will be a beautiful and colorful world in the future.
  part 2   高考英语qg777钱柜客户端:支援灾区
  2. 捐款金额不限,物资主要需要衣服、棉被、手电等;
  3. 活动、时间地点
  4. 所捐钱款和物资将会上交给中国红十字基金会(Chinese Red Cross Foundation)
  Dear all students,
  In order to support earthquake-stricken areas in Sichuan, Student Union intends to organize a Donation Program and expects donation from all of you.
  You can donate money or materials. If you would like to donate money, please put your money into the donation box at the entrance to Teaching Building. Two volunteer students are available there to offer help if necessary. (www.fengdunrn.com)If you would like to donate clothes, quilts or others, please bring them to our stand in front of the school gate.
  The Donation program will be held between 11:00 and 14:00, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
  All the donated money and materials will be collected in order and submitted to Chinese Red Cross Foundation as soon as possible.
  On behalf of Student Union, we formally call on all students to make contribution and help people in earthquake areas rebuild their home and restore their normal life.
  Student Union
  part 3  qg777钱柜客户端预测:雅安地震
  April 20th is an ordinary day in 2013,it is in this day that shocking earthquake happened again in Sichuan province,China.The earthquake was terrible.We can't describle the scene what we saw with any words. Thousands of people were injured even died. And thousands of children became such unlucky ones who lost fathers or mothers, they longed to have families to continue their lives.I am sympathetic to their fate! But I believed that we can fight against the fate and change it.For example, there are many people keeping living without food or water for about 100 hours during the earthquake!
  What an unbelievable thing it is! Their great spirits showed the powerful life vitality of humans! However, they must keep fighting against the death. Many schools were destroyed and there were many students and teachers who left us forever. Sadness,hoplessness and different kinds of danger spreaded out here and there!
  But, fortunately, love is around us: the Communist party helps us, the army helps us, the people all over the world help us. They offer us with money, goods, love and so on !
  With the help of the such a large love ,we will over come the damage of the earthquake and face our beautiful future !
  part 4  高考英语qg777钱柜客户端:给灾区同学的慰问信
  Dear friends,
  I'm awfully sorry to hear that a horrible and severe earthquake unexpectedly hit your hometown. Faced with such a rarely-seen disaster, you remain so calm and strong-willed that we are all moved to tears. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Thinking about your present situation, we cannot wait a minute to make every bit of our effort to help you. I, as the chairman of student union, on behalf of all my schoolmates, express our most sincere pity and care for you. Besides, we make a donation of 120 thousand yuan to you, expecting that it can help you go through the difficulty. A better hometown can be rebuilt. Therefore, never give up whatever happens. Remember we won’t be far away when you need any help!
  Yours Sincerely,
  Li Hua