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  篇一:My Favourite Flower
  My favourite flower is lily. lily is the national flower of france. i like white lily best. because it's very beautiful and pure. i planted a white lily in my garden in spring. i watered it every day.
  It grew very fast. it was taller and taller. one day, i got home after school. the lily blossomed. it looked like an elegant fairy. i was too excited to cry, “oh, white fairy, white fairy!” i couldn't help dancing. at that night, i dreamt that i was a beautiful fairy.
  篇二:My English teacher
  Hello! i'm he baoyi. we have three new teachers this term. but my favourite teacher is english teacher. who is she? yes, she's linda.
  Do you want to know her? linda is very beautiful. look! she has a round face, two small black eyes, a straight nose, a big mouth and two small ears. her hair is very long. she is not tall and not short. she likes wearing a white dress. she looks like an angle. linda works very hard every day. and she is strict to us. but she is kind. her class is so much fun. really? yes. in class, she is our good teacher. after class, she is our good friend.
  Her favourite food is tofu. it 's very very healthy. she is not only good at pingpong, but also good at singing. she likes talking with us. we all like her.
  篇三:My Dream Home
  I have two kinds of dream homes. One is quiet, and the other is on a busy street.
  I want a quiet home because I want to have a rest there. The house is on the grass. In front of the house, there is an apple tree. I want to have many apples to eat every autumn. I also want to play the swing at the tree. There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two sitting rooms, a kitchen, a dining room and a big study. There are lots of books in the study and there is a computer in it. I can read books, surf the Internet and play computer games there.
  I want a flat on the busy street. It's close to my school. I have seven rooms. The biggest one is the sitting room. There is a TV and a comfortable armchair opposite the TV. After dinner, I sit in the armchair and watch TV. It's very nice. I have a balcony. I can enjoy the sunshine on it.
  篇四:Our English teacher
  Our new English teacher, Mrss chang, is about twenty-two years old. She is easygong, and treats us as her friends. She helps the boys and girls read and write, we all like her. She is busy with her work all the day, because she loves teaching children. Both in and after class she is very kind to us.She often tells us how to study well.She often to urge student,“good!”“very good!”
  Do like Miss chang? Oh, you like!
  篇五:Never give up
  When I was in Grade 8, I read the book “Robinson Crusoe”.
  The main character is Robinson. When he was a child, he liked sailing very much. But his father didn't agree with him. Finally, when he was a young man, his father's friends wanted to take his father's boat. And he went with them. Unluckily, the boat ran up on a rock and this made a lot of sailors and passengers die but Robinson was alive! He went on a small land. There was nobody, no water or food. You could imagine that it was too hard to live. However, he put up a tent and got things from the broken boat. As the months went by, Robinson learnt to make bread by himself. Then he found some groups of sheep. They were trained and eaten by Robinson. Twenty years later, there was a boat coming from England and Robinson was saved.
  The writer of this book is Daniel Defoe. Robinson was a great miracle. He achieved numerous “Impossible things”. Robinson Crusoe was immortal novel, because it showed us a courageous, brave, confidence. A vanquish able nature, a hero who exploited nature.
  There is no perfect life in the world. But we can change our fate. If we have confidence and work hard, we absolutely will be victorious and the most important thing is “Never give up!” I believe that nothing is impossible!