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  qg777钱柜客户端题目:We Shouldn't Totally Turn to the Internet


  1. 现在不少人一遇到问题就上网搜答案

  2. 这种现象可能产生的影响

  3. 你认为应该怎么做

  Nowadays, Internet has become an indispensable part in our life, and we use it for various purposes, such as searching useful information and chatting online. However, now more and more people turn to the Internet for help whenever they have trouble in finding solutions to their problems, and this phenomenon has aroused the public's attention.

  Relying on the Internet to solve all our difficulties can have bad impacts on us. On one hand, since we can always settle the troubles by searching solutions online, we can become very lazy and don't bother to think up answers by ourselves, which can hinder the development of creative thinking. On the other hand, the answers online may be inaccurate or wrong. If we use them without thinking the credibility of them, we may make serious mistakes someday.

  As far as I'm concerned, we shouldn't completely depend on the Internet to settle problems. When we come across some difficulties, we’d better try our best to find possible solutions. If we make great efforts and still can't come up with an answer, then we can surf online to search solutions. But we should question the correctness of these answers before we adopt them.