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  My name is Li Hua. I am a student and I am twelve years old. I am from China and I am Chinese. I live in Foshan with my parents. I am in Class Two, Grade Seven. My favorite food is eggs. I can speak Chinese, but I can’t speak English. I can play basketball, but I can’t play tennis.



  This is a photo of my family. These are my parents. My father is a worker at a factory. He can speak Chinese, but he can’t speak English. He can play basketball, but he can’t play tennis. My mother is an English teacher at a university. She can ride a bike, but she can’t drive a car. She can play the piano, but she can’t play the guitar.



  There are four people in my family—my father, my mother, my sister and me. My father and my mother are my parents. I’ve also got four grandparents, two uncles and one aunt. I haven’t got any brothers.



  My English teacher.Ms. Gao our English teacher is my favorite person.She is slim and beautiful with curly,long hair. She is in her early thirties. She is always full of energy and her lessons are always well-prepared . All of us like her lessons very much because we can gain much from her lessons. Besides, I admire that she is always friendly and kind so she can make friends easily with us outside the classroom. When we have any difficulties, we all like asking her for help.Ms.Gao is truly a wise teacher. 高老师我的最喜欢的人,她身材苗条、漂亮、卷花头长发。她30出头。她总是精力充沛,她的课总是精心准备。我们都喜欢上她的课因为我们可以从她的课收获很多。此外,我钦佩她总是很友善,因此她总能轻松地在课下和我们交朋友。当我们遇到困难总喜欢象她求教。高老师的确是相当聪明的老师。